Today is a very special day: the release of my new album REALITY!
This album means a lot to me and I’m very happy about the whole production and the final result. Thank you Mark Soskin, John Goldsby, Guido May & Ryan Carniaux for every touching note you’ve played, and thank you Wolfgang Wilhelm Lackerschmid not only for your amazing vibes but for all the arrangements that make this album so remarkable! 
On REALITY you will find famous songs like „Reality“  or „Windmills Of Your Mind“ but also less known gems like „Munich Butterfly“ written by Enjott Schneider & Wolfgang Ramadan, „Com Amor, Com O Mar“ by Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock, Wolfgang Wilhelm Lackerschmid & Martin Martin Schlesinger, „Hotel Shanghai“ by Christian Bruhn or „With You“ written by Wolfgang Wilhelm Lackerschmid, Al Darchino and myself.
Beside the music I have to mention Christian Hartmann for his amazing pictures and Christine Lange for the cover art; not to forget Thyra Templiner doing a great job with the make up.

You can listen to the album on Spotify ( or buy it on iTunes (
or at your favorite record store.